Why People prefer Freelancing or online Jobs ?

What is freelancing?

“When any person earn one’s and not employ of any company”. Freelancer is a boss and he is also employ of his company. When any Person worked in any company or Office he bound in company rules and regulation.  He worked from 8 to 5 in Company with specific work. But, on other hand, freelancer is free from any rules and restriction. He lived like a free man. Many of People prefer Freelancing or online Jobs as compare to employer. Contingent upon the business, independent work rehearses differ and have changed after some time. In a few businesses, for example, online jobs or freelancing, consultants may oblige customers to sign composed contracts. Salary for online job or freelancer totally depended on company or website. They pay him for quality work and performance. Freelancer can charge for their work by fix price or hourly payment. He can also charge from their client in two part, first half he charged before work and secondly he charged after completed client project.

There are some difference between Freelancer and Company employ:

  • Company employer have fix salary, other side Freelancer have not earn fix money. Freelancer earning depended on their own work and struggle.
  • Jobs holder is like an employer of any Company, other side Freelancer have their own company with their own rules.
  • Jobs holder life is bonded by their company and Boss rules. Freelancer is like a boss of their company and he became make their own rules.
  • Freelancer can do work all over the world.

India is world No.1 freelancer Country in the World. Mostly, Indian people (Software Engineers) and software houses earn money by online jobs and freelancing. They grow up their economy by self-employed and freelancing.

United State of America has second rank in the field of Freelancing. 15.5 people in America (USA) are freelancer (self-employed). Self-employed or freelancer who independent contribute an expected $715 billion in independent profit to the economy of USA.

Pakistan is 3rd freelancer Country in this field. United State is top country how gives 38% of their projects to Pakistani freelancer. Mostly they give IT or Graphic work to Pakistani Freelancer.

There are many Websites for freelancer in all over the World. One of them is btechsol.com. This is recently (2015) launched freelancing websites. Btechsol.com is the top ranked freelancing website. It is friendly for user and highly secured. Payment method is very secured and easy for publisher and freelancer. Visit our website for your bright feature in the world of freelancing.

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Article By: Farhan Saqib

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