Test cases to create an Announcement in a web app, android app and google app: After Registration

2. After Registration:

An application page appears. On this page a user can find following information and can perform what is as followed.

2.1. Main view of the page:

  1. Four category appears on the main page of application. Regarding these categories different announcements appear on the main page
    1. Objects
    2. Pets
    3. People
    4. Incidents
  2. By default an option named Latest announcements appear.
  3. Per page there is a paging technique implemented.
  4. Four categories appear on the top of the page from where user can switch between different categories.
  5. Against each category there appear a count for published announcements.
  6. On each announcement there appear type of announcement which shows that whether it is a type of Lost Announcement or a Found Announcement
  7. User can click against any announcement and regarding type of that announcement user can perform different type of functions there.
  8. User can search by providing locations or by searching favorite or tagged announcements

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