Test cases 1 to 6 to create an Announcement in a web app, android app and google app: Processes against Announcement with type Lost: Create an Announcement (Lost Case)

5. Create an Announcement (Lost Case):

Before viewing this please keep in mind there should be consistency in what we are using should be according to what is demanded to be done.

  1. If a person clicks on icon named Object

a)  In the bottom two options will appear saying, I have lost and I have found respectively.Right Text

        2. If a person clicks on icon named Pet

a.) In the bottom two options will appear saying, I am looking for and I have seen respectivelyNot a right text

      3. If a person clicks on icon named People

a) In the bottom two options will appear saying, I am looking for and I have seen respectively.

Not a right text

4. If a person clicks on icon named Incident

a) In the bottom two options will appear saying, I am seeking witness and I have witnessed respectively Right Text


This application only deal with two kind of people. One, who lost their something and other who found something. In the case of Object, Pet and People message should be same as in case of Object says, I have lost and I have found

Problem in text:

If a person goes for Pet then message in option says I am looking for and I have seen.

I am looking for” meaning grammatically.

A person is searching for something in Bazar or in the shop or a building for the rent in the city. It does not mean that someone has lost something. It means you are just searching for something you mean for and whenever you will find it you will get it.

I have seen” meaning grammatically.

It means just I was walking in the bazar or somewhere and I saw movie poster or a stuff you want to wear or to eat. It does not mean that you have found a lost thing. It is same as you are saying that I was in the zoo and I saw lion, monkey or else.

5-  User selects icon named Object and goes for an announcement with I have lost. Now user selects a category from a drop down list.

a) Professional slackness:

In the dropdown there is a symbol of greater than or we can say less than I downward position. This is fine but when a user clicks on the dropdown option a category list appears but now in the dropdown list greater than symbol should be in upper direction not in the downward because after clicking the dropdown this symbol is showing that again click here to hide a list that has appeared.

Test Case-1:

User selects category Business and under Business selects sub-category Office and enters characteristics for it. Then user presses button next. Now user changes his/her mind not to publish this and gets back to the main menu from where user again comes for the same product, mean same category Business and same sub-category Office.

Expected result:

Those all fields which user had filled already should be now in empty state, so that a user can fill those again with a scratch.

Actual result:

Those fields which were filed by user before were not empty and were showing the previous filled data.

Status: Fail

Note: This should be implemented on all cases mean for all categories.

Test Case-2:

User selects category Fashion and under Fashion selects sub-category Clothing and enters characteristics for it. User only enters Clothing type as a Trousers and size as XXS. For all other available fields’ user provides just Space from keyboard. Now user presses button next. On the published page user again provides spaces for all available fields and presses button named, Publish.

Expected result:

System should not allow the user to move ahead with just white spaces otherwise what this announcement interpret, no one will understand and this will be a waste.

Actual result:

System allows the user to go ahead with white spaces.

Status: Fail

Test Case-3:

User has created an announcement and after creating, user goes towards its activities portion from there he/she selects his/her announcement and from Status option Closes this announcement as I did in real time unintentionally.

Expected result:

System should ask the user that you are going to close this announcement. Are you sure to close this announcement?

Actual result:

System does not ask from the user and announcement gets closed.

Status: Fail

Test Case-4:

User has created an announcement and after creating, user goes towards editing this announcement.

Expected result:

System should show a short confirmation message saying, Announcement updated or Announcement updated successfully.

Actual result:

System does not show an appropriate message. It shows a message with an inappropriate wording as your announcement has been edited.

Status: Fail

Test Case-5:

User has created an announcement for a lost product and does not place any reward.

Expected result:

Now another user comes and opens this announcement and click on a provided option named Reward. A small popup should open saying No Reward Placed just for a better user experience.

Actual result:

A popup appears in this case but this is in empty state. Nothing is there through which a user can get idea about the reward placed or not for the announcement.

Status: Fail


If user clicks on the reward then popup appears. On that popup there appears a button Ok by pressing which that popup disappears. This is fine but problem is that the popup disappears if user does not click on that Ok button but clicks on any other place on the screen else than that popup. If this is true then what is the purpose of Ok button.

Test Case-6:

User has created an announcement and uploads more than one images for that.

Expected result:

Another user comes and clicks on announcement. There user clicks on an image and image opens. Now user swap the image to see more uploaded images. Images should swap one by one so that user can see all images without going back.

Actual result:

User cannot swap images. To see other images user has to come back and then again clicks on the images to see them.

Status: Fail

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