How application behaves in different portions: Test Case 45

Business Logic:

Test Case 45:

User Story:

In team setting page if a person tries to add some person but at the spot thinks about editing an existing person then behavior is not consistent.


User tries to add a new member user for some category but instead of adding user tries to edit some existing user. Same popup for adding user changes a little for updating an existing user. This is right.

Test Case:

User cancels for editing an existing user at this spot.

Desired result:

Popup should not disappear. It should come into the previous state where user had come to add a person instead of editing a user. opening popup for adding a person again.

Actual result:

Whole popup window closes and user has to try again for this whole process to add a user.

Note: This has fixed now by changing the whole process for adding and editing a user.

Status: Pass


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