How application behaves in different portions: LOYALTY BONUS

Business Logic:

Loyalty Bonus:

Business Logic

  1. Loyalty bonus will be paid out as a credit note on request from the customer. The customer can in the customer web application click on a button Request loyalty bonus payout.
  2. Loyalty bonus is released 12 months after it has been earned.
  3. Released loyalty bonus can be paid out once a month.
  4. On request of customer for the loyalty bonus our system asks for 20 days to furnish the claim by customer.
  5. Released loyalty bonus can be paid out once a month.
  6. System will check any pending invoice by the customer.
  7. Until clearance by the PK BAZAAR system, Arvato can’t process the credit note.
  8. In case of already requested loyalty bonus within a month then in that month before its ending date and time of the day, customer can’t claim another loyalty bonus.
  9. There will be an option for a selected loyalty bonus by the customer. Suppose customer A has a loyalty bonus one lakh then customer can claim for any amount with in one lakh.


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